About Supply Chain

We are a woman-owned jewelry and accessory gallery located on historic California Avenue in West Seattle. Supply Chain proudly features a tightly edited collection of woman artists and styles handmade in the United States and Canada that represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and originality. We believe in community, art, self-expression through fashion .... and above all, that a life is best lived accessorized.

Supply Chain is passionate about discovering and featuring a wide range of woman artists that represent the best in jewelry and accessory design & style. We believe jewelry is wearable art with a story and we are committed to understanding the inspiration, production process, techniques and materials of each piece we carry. Supply Chain is honored and proud to represent the following women artists in our gallery. 

Abacus Row by Christine Trac in San Francisco, CA

ARA by Amber Arambul in Portland, OR

Argaman&Defiance by Lydia Crespo in Chicago, IL

BAGGU in San Francisco, CA & New York, NY

Betty Alida by Jennifer Gaewsky in Austin, TX

BOET by Emily Bixler in Portland, OR

Castle Cliff by Stephanie Schwallie in Brooklyn, NY

Colleen Mauer by Colleen Mauer in San Francisco, CA

Demimonde by Rachael Fox in Portland, OR

Elliot Young by Jessica Elliot & Jennifer Young in Los Angeles, CA

ERTH by Nicole Trunfio 

Fay Andrada by Fay Andrada in Brooklyn, NY

Future Glory by Theresa Lee in San Francisco, CA

Gabriela Artigas & Company by Gabriela and Teresita Artigas in Los Angeles, CA

Giovanna Torrico by Giovanna Torrico in Oakland, CA

Hannah K by Hannah Keefe in Los Angeles, CA

Hitchcock Madrona by Erica Sheehan-Nelson & Dustin Nelson in Seattle, WA

Jenny Bird by Jenny Bird in Toronto, ON Canada

Kate Cusack by Kate Cusack in New York, NY

Kristen Elspeth by Kristen Levy in Los Angeles, CA

Lizzie Fortunato by Lizzie & Kathryn Fortunato in New York, NY

Native Line by Justine Ashbee

Not Monday by Cindy Payne in Seattle, WA

Ming Yu Wang by Jennifer Wang in New York, NY

Rebekah J Designs by Rebekah J. in Seattle, WA

Seaworthy in Portland, OR

Still House by Urte Tylaite in New York, NY

Takara by Jen Goff